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Hey guys, welcome to our site! We are the Wesson girls also known as Peyton Wesson, and Lyla Wesson. We love to model and are aspiring singers/actresses from Alabama.  Here you will find behind the scenes content of our modeling, vlogs, fashion reviews and our lifestyle! 


We post on Instagram daily and we have amassed over 100,00 followers on each of our accounts and we also work with several brands and Collab with multiple companies.  We have worked with Sugar and Jade, Justice, and Amazon to name a few.  We recently starred in our very on short film called BST FRNDS.  You can watch the short film on Prime Amazon by clicking the link here

As models we have walked the runway with over 10 designers in the past couple of years while also launching our own line LP Couture.

We have set our goals to have our own fashion line sold worldwide. We created LP Wesson Girls with hopes of empowering girls to be their own girl boss. As girls we are taught to be kind and nice, but we also want girls to be leaders with confidence and the courage to do anything they set their minds to.

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Our first collection LP Poppy Denim Couture was launched in September 2022 at Prestige Top Model New York Fashion Week.   Our couture lines are fun, funky, and show personality.  We personally customize each Couture outfit for our models.     


We featured two collections in February 2023 at New York Fashion Week.  It was the Cowboy Collection which was your classic fringe denim jackets with all the sparkle.   Then we launched our Queen Collection that was our classic tweed collection.

Please invite your friends to join our site. Thank you for supporting our endeavor!  Be sure to connect with us on any of our social media outlets we would love to hear from you.


Business inquiry:

LA Agent: Avalon Artists: Ted Maier

LA Manager: Marque Entertainment: Selena Schoups   

SE Agent:  Monarch Talent Agency: Lu Anne Bernier

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